As an abstract painter, I have an ongoing fascination with the interplay of the visual elements and design principles. With a strong interest in contrast, I try to create relationships between dichotomies such as smooth & textural, light & dark, organic & geometric, movement & stillness. My intent is to compose images that reveal a balanced tension.

My imagery often derives from nature, both in my abstract paintings and landscapes.  The abstract paintings can be read as close-ups or symbols of natural elements with the focus on shape, line, texture, color & pattern and arranged to accentuate the order and rhythm found in nature. The landscapes developed out of an interest to work in a more representational manner, but still be able to retain the formalism of abstraction. Introducing light and depth has made these paintings appear spacious despite their small scale. The landscapes are based more on a general sense of place than a specific location. I often put the emphasis on the edge that divides land and sky and helps unite nature’s contrasting elements and forms.

The textural quality of my paintings is often what is noticed first by viewers. I have always been intrigued by surfaces and textures in life and art. Whether created by man or nature, the physical properties of surface are constantly in flux. As time or force alters it, abstraction becomes a part of its history. I approach paint application with a similar constructive/subtractive process. In applying multiple layers of paint and manipulating the surface, I strive for a strong physical presence, but hoping that the methods are not easily detected.


Red Echo

Oil Stick on Wood Panel

22” x 14” each panel